The Zurich Node of the Planetary Collegium. Institute of Cultural Studies, University of Applied Arts, Zurich, Switzerland.

Andreas Schiffler

About the Research My work involves the analysis and linkage between computer games and physics (i.e. game physics) - in particular the thesis is trying to describe how good (or bad) game physics can be sometimes and study the impact this can have on players and the general view of physics (for example in education). The research is more focused on media-art and philosophy aspects than the engineering and computer-science of game physics. About the Researcher Andreas Schiffler, born and raised in Germany attained his High-School diploma concurrently with a diploma as Chem-Tech in 1987. He then moved to Canada in 1989 to study at the University of Saskatchewan, where he received his B.Sc. in 1994 and a M.Sc. in Space Physics at ISAS in 1996. Then he worked with media artists Prof. Jill Scott and later the Institute of Visual Media under Dr. Jeffrey Shaw at the ZKM media-art institute in Karlsruhe, Germany. He returned to Canada in 2000 to join the startup company Tek21 Inc, Buffalo, NY only to form his own company Appwares in 2001 developing Internet marketing and communication software and an RSS publishing service. Andreas worked as senior developer in the R&D department of IC-Agency, Geneva/Bathurst. Currently, he works at Microsoft, Seattle. Website