The Zurich Node of the Planetary Collegium. Institute of Cultural Studies, University of Applied Arts, Zurich, Switzerland.

Louis-Philippe Demers

About the Research Stuck between the real and the artificial, the flesh and the metal, the sign and the signified robotic characters often suffer from a syndrome coined by the author as: "Multiple Ontologies Disorder". By pursuing theoretical research and artwork on robots as a form of "expressive media", we will further investigate the viewer's perception of theses agents. The thesis will explore the theories of audience identification, performance and spectacle and it will reformulates those for “actors” as generative and synthetic metallic entities. Researching into the history of automata and machines will shed light on our fascination for the mechanical representation of the intangible phenomena empowering, many times, theatrical strategies. About the Researcher Prof. Louis-Philippe Demers current works and researches revolve around kinetic and interactive media environments for the stage, architecture and public spaces. He worked on the conception and production of several large-scale interactive performances and installations. His works have been presented worldwide and he received several prizes including Ars Electronica 96 and ArtificialLife/Vida 2.0. He currently teaches at Nan Young University, in Singapore. Website