The Zurich Node of the Planetary Collegium. Institute of Cultural Studies, University of Applied Arts, Zurich, Switzerland.

Monika Codourey

About the Research This research aims to combine traditional and practice based methods in order to develop criteria for designing rhetorical bridges between local and global integrated transportation networks. Drawing theoretical elements from both digital art and architectural, the research attempts to explore correlations between emerging socio-spatial transformations and new forms of mobility in order to create a meaningful merging of real and virtual worlds at transportation hubs. The central exploration of the research will uncover how architecturally situated interaction design can establish these spaces as a socially responsive environments. About the Researcher Monika Codourey is working as an architect and independent researcher from her base agency in Warsaw/Poland and Zurich/Switzerland. Wide range of transdisciplinary projects is a tool to combine area of interests in architecture, urbanity, ICT, design and communication. Lectured in field of Urban Media and Information Spaces at the University of Arts and Design, Faculty of New Media in Zurich (1999-2004). Studied in Germany, Switzerland, Canada, USA and Poland. Wide range of work experience in architectural offices internationally. Website