The Zurich Node of the Planetary Collegium. Institute of Cultural Studies, University of Applied Arts, Zurich, Switzerland.


At Z-node we follow a very rigorous UK program standardized and quality controlled by the UK Government. Each PhD consists of coursework (attended face-to-face seminar sessions and on-line-wiki analysis) and professional first and second supervisors supervise each student. A final viva defence and PhD award is made by Plymouth where external examiners are chosen to review the written thesis and attend the oral exam. The resultant PHD Thesis can be found in the libraries of both the ZhdK in Zurich and the University of Plymouth.

In fact the diversity of our supervisors backgrounds reflects the trans-disciplinary practice and theoretical analysis of research conducted inside the z-node program. Current Supervisors First Prof. Dr. Jill Scott | Media Artist: Theorist in Art and Science
Dr. Angelika Hilbeck | Ecologist and Biologist Second Prof. Dr. Matthias Vogel | Art Historian - ICS ZHdK
Dr. Steffan Schmidt | Musicologist - ICS ZHdK
Dr. Daniel Bisig | Artificial Intelligence and Sound Research - DMK ZHdK
Dr. Angelica Hilbeck | Scientist - ICS/ETHZ
Dr. Andrea Gleiniger | Media Architecture Historian - DMK
Prof Dr. Stephan Guenzel | Philosopher - Berlin Free University
Prof. Dr. Therese Steffen | Cultural Studies - Uni Basel
Prof Dr. Thea Brejzek | Scenography - ICS
Prof. Dr. Dieter Mersch | Philosopher - Berlin Free University
Prof. Dr. Olaf Blanke | Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Third All submissions to the University of Plymouth are monitored by third supervisors on the permanent staff of the School of the Arts. Prof. Roy Ascott, Prof. Dr. Mike Punt and Prof. Dr. Mike Phillips.