The Zurich Node of the Planetary Collegium. Institute of Cultural Studies, University of Applied Arts, Zurich, Switzerland.

Teresa Chen

About the Research In "Contested Selves: Beyond the Dialectics of Otherness," the author investigates cultural and ethnic identities as applied to East Asian women and argues that visual art practices have the potential to contest and move beyond preconceived Western ideals about what it means to be a Chinese, Japanese or other East Asian woman. Following cultural and postcolonial theorist Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, the author frames this argument as a "planetary subject" rather than as a global agent emphasizing that alterity is a part of being human and not a "dialectical negation" (Death of a Discipline 73). Moreover, the author's set of related exhibitions and artworks contextualize various aspects of this research. About the Researcher Teresa Chen was born in USA and has degrees in Computer Science (Brown University) and Photography (Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Zurich). She worked as a software developer and has been active in the conceptualization and organization of various exhibition projects: KLINIK: Morphing Systems, (Zurich), GameOver (Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich), sWISH*, (expo. 02, Biel). She lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland, as an independent visual artist. Website