The Zurich Node of the Planetary Collegium. Institute of Cultural Studies, University of Applied Arts, Zurich, Switzerland.


The Transdiscourse Book Series: collaboration with Springer, Vienna/New York and De Gruyter, Germany The z-node book series provides a publication platform to provide a thematic based intersectional discourse between creative media-arts disciplines and the various disciplines of life science, cognition, and physics, engineering and computing. The series aims to create a critical trans-disciplinary space, where combined artistic, technological and scientific approaches call for embodied practical, as well as theoretical solutions.

Within the educational institutions of art and science, we are still very confined to focused disciplines, which tend to develop separately from each other, a strategy which inhibits holistic problem solving. This book series is therefore dedicated to a thematic approach to the discourses of trans-disciplinary education and its potentials. Our audience are educational facilitators who are engaged in similar projects, or who are interested in the problems and methodologies of teaching across disciplines. The series is also for students who wish to explore current debates and investigate the catalyzing potentials of the arts in relation to science and society.

Each book in this series provides an integrated textual and visual showcase for innovative material projects and related arguments that challenge and provoke trans-disciplinary discourses. We have adopted a format of a theoretical essay section as well as a colour gallery section for invited curators. While the essays are critical reflections, the gallery pages are provided for related audiovisual explorations, or artworks, which represent these potentials in a non-verbal manner.

The Transdiscourse Volumes:
2010 - Editors: A. Gleiniger, A. Hilbeck, J. Scott.

Mediated Environments is the first project in a new book series called Transdiscourse, from the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). This series examines the concept that we may need to re-view our future from a transdisciplinary perspective. Currently we ‘see’ our world through the very conditioned and constructed representations from mainstream media and our bodies, environments and urban constructions are also ‘mediated’ or shifted by these translations and interpretations of social reality. Mediated Environments attempts to compare and cross-correlate viewpoints from different disciplines including environmental science, architecture, art and literature, through the shared portal of media criticism and urban design.

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2016 - Editor: Jill Scott / Assistant Editors: Vince Dziekan, Anna Archtelik

Cultural Studies: An anthology of viewpoints on society from the arts and the sciences.
The authors in this book were collected together because of their shared concern for society. They all believe that the arts and the sciences are effective spaces to raise public awareness and to encourage us to think differently about our old and out-dated concepts of representation and categorization and reconstruct new potentials about how the designs of the future might benefit our environment and the survival of our bodies. Essential to all writers is the need to drop our old disciplinary boundaries to question our interdependent relationship to technology and to reality. Turbulence and reconstruction are processes that not only affect our representation and categorization, our designs for agriculture, urban nature and energy consumption but also our relation to media and technology – the virtual, digital ideologies of interaction and substitution.

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The Editorial Board of Transdiscourse: Jill Scott & guest editors