The Zurich Node of the Planetary Collegium. Institute of Cultural Studies, University of Applied Arts, Zurich, Switzerland.

Visiting Scholars Program

Each Year z-node members are invited to visit other Universities and Art and Design Schools in different counties. Alongside these visits, conferences are organized by Jill Scott for PhD Candidates to present their research alongside researchers invited by the host institutions. The following is a list of these institutions alongside our other invitations specifically about z-node.

  1. Nomadic Transitions Zurich (ZHDK 2004)
  2. The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing China (2004)
  3. Sripatum University Bangkok and Media Arts and Design Thailand (2005)
  4. CMU Art Museum. Chiang Mai University Thailand (August 2005)
  5. Centro National Des Artes and Fundación del Centro Historico, Mexico (August 06)
  6. Hexagram at Concordia University, Montreal (April 07)
  7. Nan Young University: Art Department. Singapore (July 08)
  8. Monash University- Art and Design Faculty, Melbourne, Australia (April 2009)
  9. Consciousness Reframed. Macromedia University for Media and Communication Munich. Germany (November 2009)
  10. ISEA The International Symposia on Electronic Arts. Dortmund. Germany (August 2010)
  11. ETHZ Monte Verita Conference - Ecological Novelty, Switzerland (4.-9. September 2011)
  12. M-Node at NABA, Milano (November 2011)
  13. ISEA The International Symposia on Electronic Arts. University of New Mexico, New Mexico, USA (August 2012)

The conferences attended by each member are not listed here; instead they are listed under each individual's respective name and link.